Matt McKenzie

Senior Account Manager, Automation Anywhere

The digital workforce – an evolution of business services

As businesses are faced with an accelerating pace of change the need to leverage technology is paramount in just staying alive as an organisation. Macro-economic forces are resetting the benchmarks for minimum operational efficiency, productivity and customer service. As the largest global provider of digital workforce technologies (cognitive, RPA and real time analytics), Automation Anywhere is driving the evolution of these technologies and how they can be used by the world’s leading organisations. In this presentation Matt McKenzie, Senior Account Manager at Automation Anywhere will address some of major influences shaping the future of business and offer some insight on how to think about them:

  • Why are we using robots?
  • Being like Amazon does not win you market share, you have to be better
  • Disruption is accelerating in every market
  • How to think about RPA as a business lever and where other automation technologies fit
  • Where do I start?